Our Shaman/Curandero

We are honored to introduce Pedro Panduro, a Peruvian native hailing from the small jungle town of San Lucas approximately 40 kilometers out of Iquitos. He is a true child of the jungle, growing up with his father, Don Pedro who is a well known local vegetalista, specializing in healing with the vast kingdom of plants, healing a multitude of ailments from thyroid issues, diabetes, kidney problems, arthritis, to venous snakebites. Pedro spent his childhood venturing in the jungle with his father absorbing the ancient knowledge of the plants. Taking a walk through the jungle with Pedro, watching him identify each plant, its purpose and administration shows us his true knowledge of the Amazonian rainforest. Mother Ayahuasca along with the Teacher Plants have chosen him to serve as a medium, guide and facilitator in the healing process that is called Ayahuasca Medicina. His passion for the flora and fauna of the Amazon led him to attend a  specialized school outside of Iquitos called “Milagros”, where he was taught to identify all the trees and plants of the jungle and their purposes. He also studied agriculture and aquaculture (fish farming).

     Pedro (aka “gato” because of his eye color), has a very special relationship with the Medicine, the vine enabling him to hold sacred space during our ceremonies with his angelic icaros and soothing, embracing presence.  Pedro is a loving, hard working, dedicated, comical grounded person who is here to help us remember our higher selves and purpose. He works with an amazing abundance of energy emanating from his bottomless shining heart. We are truly blessed to have Pedro to guide us through the intense yet healing work of Ayahuasca Medicina. Thank you Pedro!