To our cherished guests, please feel free to leave any comments about your experience that you feel comfortable sharing with others. Fears you may have had before coming and how you feel now. We look forward to seeing you again in the future. With Love, your Chakra Alegria De Amor team.

8 Responses to Guestbook

  1. Heidi Scheck says:

    I spent about 4 days at Chakra Alegria De Amor in late December, 2012. It was my 3rd time in Peru, and my 4th encounter with Ayahuasca. As soon as we arrived at the farm it was clear to me that this was a very special place. Omar, the property owner, has really outdone himself with this farm. It is beautiful! Everything used to build the place, I mean EVERYTHING, is hiked in on the backs of his workers. The structures are all built from wood planks made with a chainsaw. Amazing! There are ducks, geese, a rooster, guinea pigs, a pheasant – and my personal favorites, the dogs and the monkey!
    Omar and the workers were all great, and having spent most of my time with Omar, I can’t sing his praises enough. He is a true seer, and is doing an amazing service with this property. It is truly an invaluable gift to receive – if you want to go and are able, DO. Even if you are unable for whatever reason, Omar will assist you in getting there in any way possible.
    Anyhow, once we arrived we were given some time to rest, and later we met with Omar and the shaman to discuss ceremony. Cesar, the shaman, is different from any other shaman I have encountered. He took a good deal of time explaining why the ceremonies here would be different than any others we’d participated in. He explained that the medicine we were to drink was very good quality and very strong, basically a “double dose”. He also explained that the location of the farm was of particular importance due to the abundance of medicinal plants in the area. He explained that all these plants would be helpful during our ceremonies.
    The ceremonies started around 8 or 9 at night. The hut where we drank was made of a floor and roof but no walls, so we were totally exposed to the open jungle. This was the first time I had ever done ceremony in this way, every other time I was completely indoors. Also, we were told that we were to be sitting up the entire ceremony, which was also new to me, and initially made me a bit apprehensive. Once the medicine started to work, however, my aversion to sitting up dissolved completely. The medicine came on very strong and fast, and I had definitely never experienced anything like it in my past ceremonies with the medicine. The visions were very strong, and the messages even stronger. I participated in 2 ceremonies, 2 nights back to back. Both of my parents are deceased and they both came to me in my visions. I spoke with them, asked them questions, cried with them. I felt the medicine working on my abdomen, my heart, my head. I had many insights regarding my shortcomings, fears, ways in which I hold myself back or stand in my own way. I also had insights regarding how I can be of service, how I can help others. It was extremely intense, deep, and therapeutic. I can’t do the experience justice with words, really. Everything is communicated so heavily through emotion, there is definitely an air of ineffability to the whole thing.
    I can’t recommend this place enough if you are really serious about working on yourself. This kind of work is not for the feeble-minded – be prepared to meet your true self, you might not like everything you see – but like all problems, acknowledging that they exist is the first step towards resolution.
    Love and light to Chakra and its visitors!!

  2. Gerik Spiquel says:

    So, I’m back in Zurich after spending almost a month in the jungle at the project. Besides being sick with a nasty flu that I must have caught on the plane – spending time there in that magical place, that piece of primary jungle probably millions of years old is just amazing. Being out of touch with no power, no mobile reception or no internet maybe daunting for some at first but believe me once you are out there and you have your first bucket shower on a platform above a small stream you feel revitalized immediately and you lose your inhibitions about it all and relax and connect with the spirit of the place and mother nature. The feeling is just so pure and beautiful.

    You learn to appreciate the sounds of the jungle at night, the insects, birds, monkeys, the drops of rain and leaves rustling. When you look up to the sky at night you see millions of stars, so bright, like you’ve never seen them before. The air is fresh and crisp and pure. It feels great to breath it in, you try to breath so deep just so you can get more in and enjoy it.

    Omar and all our workers have done an extraordinary job. Everything there is so tough, such hard work. Everything is made or done by hand, everything has to be carried in on the backs of the workers from the road, 3km into the jungle. All constructions supplies, nails, screening, piping, kitchen sinks, mattresses, bedding, pillows – I really mean everything. There is no shortcuts and no easy way. Once you’ve walked that track, especially in the wet season you’ll appreciate the place and the workers even more.

    This is even before you start to work with the medicine “Ayahuasca”. Once you do you will understand things about the jungle and about life that may have never even thought possible. Negative thoughts you long forgot about in the back of your mind but still have a haunting effect on your life will come forward and be worked on. It felt like little fish hooks scrapping around in the back of my mind bringing all these little thoughts forward until I purged them out. I was able to work on many things. But I still feel a second trip is needed as I was blocked at the start and it took me a while to accept the medicine and what it wanted to do with me. Others who were there had strong experiences from the first time and kept having them their whole stay. They were able to work on child hood issues, talk to relatives who had long passed away and see events happening at some time in the future. It seems the power of Ayahuasca is unlimited and brings what you need and not what you want.

    I really look forward to getting back there as soon as possible to keep working on the project and working on myself.

    It’s been an amazing experience and I got some good direction in which way I want to lead my life and who I need to surround myself with to accomplish those things.

    If you have any questions or would like to hear about my more personal experiences I will be happy to share them with you in person.

    love through light – Gerik

  3. Mark says:

    Thank you Omar and everyone else involved at Chakra Alegria for your warm hospitality! Very impressed with what you have all achieved. We had a truly memorable experience and really value the opportunity to have been able to visit such a unique and peaceful place. Already miss playing with Gaia 🙂 Hope to come back and visit one day again.

  4. Fini C says:

    My stay at Chakra Alegria de Amor was a profound learning experience, a guidance to positive changes and personal growth, and a gift for which my heart feels so deeply grateful.

    From the moment I arrived I felt welcomed and cared for, staff members were waiting for us to help us carry our backpacks for the 1 hour walk into the jungle to the property’s entrance, located in the heart of the jungle, away from modern life stress.

    Once you are there you find yourself surrounded by all this beauty, huge trees, colorful flowers, breathing pure fresh air, you can immediately feel a sense of peace and good energy.

    There are few farm animals like ducks, geese, chickens, guinea pigs, a friendly dog called Gaia and a cute little monkey called Cacao from their animal rescue center, it was such a joy to watch them play. You can ask their friendly staff to take you for small tours around the jungle or the farm, and if you are lucky you will spot many kinds of birds, butterflies, frogs and other small jungle animals.

    Their partially self-sustainable farm, with plans to be full self-sustainable in the future, provides many of the fruits and vegetables used to prepare healthy meals for the strict ayahuasca diet.

    The octagonal shaped lodges or “Tambo’s” are spacious and very comfortable, each one with its own stream shower that makes you feel connected to mother nature. All the Tambo’s are separated from each other so it is only you and the jungle around you.

    The “Maloca” or ceremonial house is located in the middle of the jungle, a tall platform with no walls, just screening to keep the bugs out is a perfect setting for the ceremonies. Every structure is build by their workers using local fallen wood with almost no machinery help

    Chakra Alegria de Amor holds small ceremonies of 8 guests (maximum) at the time, so before and after each ceremony the Shaman came to us to talk privately about our experiences.

    For my first ceremony the Shaman explained what Ayahuasca is and how it works, what to expect and how to handle it, he said “Mother Ayahuasca will show you what you need to know and will cleanse your body and spirit” and explained that purging is the main purpose of taking the medicine.

    This medicine is very strong; I had mind blowing and unbelievable visions. Every time I purged I saw these bad energies getting out of my body, it was hard the first time but the Shaman sang special and beautiful Icaros that comforted me and gave me strength to keep up.

    Mother Ayahuasca showed me what compassion means, that all we need is a small gesture of affection, to forgive myself and others, to face my fears, to treat others the same way we want to be treated. I learnt a lot about myself. I saw long gone family members and I felt their love and how they are still living in every particle around me.

    During the ceremonies the Shaman and a staff member always watched over us, and when the ceremonies were finished we could rest at the Maloca or the Shaman or staff member would walk us to our Tambo’s and every morning after a ceremony the Shaman had flower or herb bath prepared for us that made us feel so blissful and invigorated.

    I feel so lucky for having this wonderful experience, for meeting all these caring, wise and knowledgeable people, for being in such a beautiful place and to feel the connection we all have with each other and the universe.

    I can’t stop thanking Omar, Gerik and all the staff for their dedicated work in this amazing project and I am looking forward for a longer stay on my next visit.

    Thank you Guys ❤

  5. Fabian says:

    better late than never… i arrived at Chakra Alegria de Amor on the 4 of January 2013 with nothing but my carry on bag as the rest of my luggage decided to stay in paris. From the moment i entered this magical place i fell in love with everything about the jungle. My stay, until i left, that feeling never changed.

    I was warmly welcomed by Omar and his son Gael at the airport and felt that i was in good hands immediately. We went shopping for gum boots and into the jungle we went. As we arrived at the property they had already prepared a special bath for us to wash off and fight away any bad spirits.

    The Jungle, one magical place which never sleeps. It is full of wild life and forever sounds like a relaxation cd… so relax we did. One minute u have iridescent blue butterflies flying by the next minute the sound of a humming bird approaching. The pet monkeys are adorable but shy at first. As green as green gets the jungle is the most thriving landscape i have ever seen, trees fall across a river and then the branches grow upwards thick and tall as trees.

    The Purpose, Detox and Heal! I must say even after reading a couple articles on Ayahuasca i had no idea what to expect. To be honest i was rather skeptical at first of the healing powers of Ayahuasca. After some detailed prep talk about how the Ayahuasca works and how it will make me feel i was ready to begin my healing journey.

    The Drink, tastes horrible, probably the least pleasant part of my stay was the drink. The small group of us all drank at the same time with the shaman and then lights out. Nothing but the calming sound of the jungle as i gather my thoughts for whats to come.

    The Visions, i had similar visions drink after drink and were full of amazing colours and patterns, faces, snakes, friends and family and so on. Visions literally out of control (in a good way) with eyes closed or open was the same thing. Any vision having meaning for what i was drinking for.

    The Purge, least pleasant at first but then realising how good i felt after throwing up a big ball of emotional baggage that i’d been holding on to for years made me wanna purge more and more as this really helped me get results.

    The Realisations, once i had finished purging the realisations began, all the pieces of the puzzles i was searching answers for came together and made me feel all kinds of relief. It made me laugh, frown, cry and yawn like crazing but always made me feel better, like i was getting results.

    The Power, the power of the medicine is beyond imagination… I just asked it a question and 30min later it was showing me what i needed to see for me to understand, to grow and to become stronger as a person for being able to just let go. Ayahuasca made me look at everything with a fresh pair of eyes, day after day i found myself appreciating the sheer beauty of nature all over again after living around it for so long i had taken it for granted.

    I went from a really stressful job to a place where all i needed to worry about was waking up and going to sleep. Omar, Gerik and their team made sure our meals were ready, our Tambo’s looked after, during and after our ceremonies they cared for us and escorted us back to our Tambo’s. They were our support when we needed them the most and i am forever grateful for the life experiences i had at Chakra Alegria de Amor.

    Saying goodbye to the Omar, the staff and Cacao (pet monkey) was a sad moment as it was such a peaceful and loving place that i never wanted to leave.

    Many thanks to all at Chakra Alegria de Amor for creating and sharing such a paradise!


  6. Michael says:

    The Guests have such an incredible and life changing experience that awaits! I am so proud to be a part of the Love that has been seeded from the inception of Omars Vision! Each person that sets foot on that sacred ground will be forever changed… I find it hard to put in words just how Magical that place is!. Gerik and Omar changed my life with the hospitality, Love, and Patience that they expressed. Again, I am so proud to have shared my life with such an incredible experience.

  7. lvantaggiato says:

    I first heard about the Mother Vine in 2009, through friends who had spent time in Brazil. For the past 4 years I had watched different documentaries on the topic and heard stories of close friends & family who had spent time at various centres near Iquitos, working with plant medicine. It was always on my to-do list and finally in September my boyfriend Nic and I were given this wonderful opportunity to join Omar Gomez and his awesome gang at Chakra Alegria De Amor, to work with his carefully prepared brew of Ayahuasca medicine and the spirit of the Madre Vine.

    I had not done much research into the individual centres offering this service, however at the time I was thinking about it, and about to get in touch with Gerik Lucien, he randomly reached out to me. Although we have met on a few occasions prior to that we are not in contact on a regular basis. For Gerik to tap into my thoughts whilst he sat in Zurich and myself in Dubai was a pretty big deal and synchronicity at it’s finest hour. This cosmic collision allowed me to recognise the universal sign posts that told me that now was the time to go, and Chakra was the place for me.

    I have been working in the premium service and travel industry for the past two decades and more recently in holistic health and nutrition. I have stayed in 5 star Hotels all over the world and I have to say that Omar’s hospitality is up there with the best! The whole experience was very professional yet personalised, friendly and genuine. We sat with Omar at meal times and had conversations over dinner, like you would with long lost friends or family. Omar had a way of turning the bland options available on the sacred “dieta” into tasty cuisine that we looked forward to each and every meal. Our tambos were serviced daily and even though we were surviving on just the basics, it felt comfortable, clean and civilised. With a 360° panoramic view from my bed of the jungle (endearingly referred to as Emerald City), I was definitely “glamping”. It felt boutique and unique. One day Omar even surprised Nic and I with a romantic lunch for two set up by the Maloca, complete with a vase of handpicked flowers. Talk about going the extra mile and making someone’s day!

    During my time at Chakra I spent the day either reading, getting inspired for my intent at each ceremony, reflecting and writing down my thoughts (think USB uploading onto hard drive at that speed & you have an idea) or playing with Gaia the dog and being Mum to my little baby girl Serenity ~ the orphaned Woolly monkey I fell in love with.

    The ceremonies themselves were beyond description (you’ll never never know, if you never never go), sacred and intimate. There is no epidural for spiritual birth. There is no telling what you will get (so don’t waste your time preparing yourself by reading endless books on the topic), but it will definitely be what you need. I felt confident and at ease by the energy, abilities and experience of both Shaman’s Cesar and his apprentice Pedro, who is a born natural (head hunted by the vine). I was totally relaxed knowing there was always someone not drinking who sat and took care of the incidental stuff, like helping us to and from the toilet.

    Nic and I were blessed to have had just the two of us staying at Chakra that week and I pity anyone who goes to a more commercial place, partaking in ceremonies with large groups. Each night and each ceremony is very individual and no two people will have the same experience. To be surrounded by a mis-match of energy from other peoples trip is something that I am glad I wasn’t subjected to. Omar intends to keep his groups small and this is another reason I highly recommend Chakra Alegria De Amor for anyone considering working with plant medicine in this environment.

    We all have our inner universe, it’s comprised of our thoughts, emotions, fears, worries, ego and memories. Inside this universe at times, these things can collide with one another and at other times our planets seem to come into perfect alignment. Ayahuasca can help reduce  the collisions inside ourselves and connect us more harmoniously with all the peace, beauty  and power of our “ing” and the universe that surrounds us.

    During my stay at Chakra I learnt new things about myself, became clear and focused about my plans for the future and became a lot more open with Nic about my desires. Luckily we were in sync with our thoughts so everyone left a happy glamper. I also had the creative release to complete the copywriting for my business website makeover and can’t wait to have that come to life.

    Everything from the fruit and vegetables grown on the farm, the friendly staff and service, the facilities, the Shaman’s and my experience working with the vine to the backdrop of beautiful blue morph butterflies – was top notch!

    If you are seeking a deeper connection with yourself and all around you, healing, cleansing and/or spiritual transformation and guidance through a direct link to your intuition, then Chakra Alegria De Amor is the place for you. If you are a psychedelic tourist, looking for your next high, then keep searching.

    Omar Gomez has a vision to share the vine’s blissful gifts with others and in doing so protect the people, fauna and flora that have thrived in the Amazon for eons. It is the optimal environment to be embraced by the Mother of the jungle. Nic and I are truly grateful for Omar’s sacred gift and hope that through our voice we can return the love by referring those open to, deserving or in need of his empire of hidden treasures in the tranquil surrounds of Chakra Alegria De Amor.

    Peace, love, light and gratitude,

    Linda and Nic xx

  8. lee says:

    My time at Chakra Alegría De Amor was nothing short of amazing.
    Pedro the shaman is a highly trained professional and loves what he does, he is such an awesome guy & Gaia the dog is a legend also.
    My time in the Amazonian jungle truly blew my mind in so many ways.
    Chakra Alegría De Amor is situated on a pristine piece of luscious land which has an abundance of fruit and fauna.
    The energy I felt from the jungle here was electric.
    Gerik, Omar, Pedro & the all the other crew that have put their time & energy into Chakra Alegría De Amor have done an outstanding job in providing a retreat that is above and beyond.
    Thank you

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