Master Plant Diets

Master Plant Diet and Initiation:

When one has accumulated enough experience with Ayahuasca and feels the calling to work with a Master Plant Teacher, such as Chiric Sanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora),in a singular relationship, that person will be carefully interviewed by the Shaman and staff to determine which plant and course to take.

When the diet is initiated, one will go into isolation in their Tambo for eight days with no contact with anyone except the Shaman administering the diet. The Mind, Body and Spirit will go through an intense cleansing and rebooting of the system while opening new doors within the Self and the Spirit realm.

These diets require full commitment, dedication and discipline from beginning to end, and can be the most difficult journey one can take, thus the careful screening process. Dieting guests will be carefully monitored throughTestout the eight day period and expert support by the Shaman will be provided.

No soaps, perfumes, toothpastes or deodorants may be used. It is essential that the skin’s pores are not obstructed by any type of substance throughout the diet. The Master Plants need full unobstructed access to your whole Being. The only thing that may be applied to the skin is water, though the shaman may prescribe leaf and flower baths when necessary. Frequent showers are essential to keep one centered throughout the diet.

The food served during a Master Plant Diet will be very bland and usually consists of rice, plantain bananas, yucca, and fish. Depending on the plant prescribed by the Shaman, Ayahuasca ceremonies may or may not be held throughout the Diet.