Our Visions and Goals

Our goal is a simple one – to share the vine’s blissful gifts with others and to spread the love that the medicine has instilled in us. We return what the abundant, nurturing jungle has given to us through love and by doing everything we can to protect the people, fauna, and flora that have thrived in the Amazon for eons.

At Chakra Alegria de Amor guests will be enveloped by the loving embrace of the Mother Jungle, a place of harmony and tranquility. Surrounded by many shades of green, natural gifts, solitude and the trees’ shelter, the Self is empowered to delve deep within to face and integrate the healing experience with assistance from Mother Ayahuasca, the Master Plant Teachers, and the vast multitude of benevolent spirit doctors that reside among the trees, flowers, water, sky, roots and soil.

Our Shamans, apprentices, cooks and workers will provide expert assistance to ensure every guest’s stay is safe, comfortable and transformative. Chakra Alegria de Amor provides a safe haven away from the distractions and distortions of modern civilization. It is an optimal environment for going deep within to cleanse many years of accumulated mental, physical, emotional and spiritual toxins.