The Plants and Medicine

There are hundreds or even thousands of plants in the Amazon that have medicinal and/or nutritional value. Within Chakra Alegria’s 25 hectare property, our experienced Shaman Don Gilber, who has worked with the botanical department at the local University, has identified and documented 114 species of plants that can be used. We are in the process of preparing a list of these, which we will make available in time.


Known as abuela, or grandmother, the vine ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) is combined with other medicinal plants of the Amazon to create a cleansing, and healing ceremonial drink.

Chakra Alegría de Amor was founded after receiving wisdom and insight from abuela to create a healing center and model farm for the benefit of all. We host ceremonial healing retreats throughout the year, led by our Shaman. There are important dieta (dietary) preparations to follow to ensure the most beneficial experience while participating in ceremony.

Master Plant Diets

For those who’ve worked with Ayahuasca and wish to deepened into plant medicine, we offer Master Plant Diets. These diets involve isolation, drinking and eating medicinal tonics prepared by our Shaman. Each diet is specifically tuned and adjusted for the guest, and is based on their needs, both physically, mentally, and spiritually.